Pigeon Poop and Death by Work

I’ll come to that .. ahem, imaginative.. title in a moment.

I’m back from my vacation in Bali. It was everything I needed at this point in time – sunshine, water and also, reading (which I have never managed on other vacations)! It was followed by many eventful days at home with weddings and birthdays and family visits. I didn’t forget my tiny little blog, and on my last night in Bali, typed out a long-ish post that was written on a sentimental travel high. Most ridiculously, since the business centre computers time out every 20 minutes, I lost that post. Wrote another one that went all over the place and got trashed by me. Anyhoo, here I am. Happy to be back at work where my email account is imploding, at home where pigeons have been having a field day on the ledges and windows, and on this blog where I love to blabber. This return to normalcy sure feels novel at this moment, and I’m more than looking forward to tackling work issues that I haven’t had the time to, till now.

Will see you all soon.


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