Corollaries – II

I know who I want to be. I know how I want to be that person. The only problem seems to be in who I am.

This thought has been running through my head, as I make ambitious castles in the air. If only I could change everything I am, I can be everything I want to be 😀

Life Update:

1. They say age doesn’t shock you, it sneaks up on you slowly. I think it’s happening in my case. Freak injuries and random ailments are getting harder to brush off nonchalantly and definitely impossible to ignore. Last month, I had an ankle acquire a sprain I didn’t do anything to earn. In the latest news, I’m suffering a blocked ear of all things on God’s green earth! I am told it’s all those q-tips I have been using obsessively. Funny bit? My voice echoes in my head and makes me realize how stupid I am. Le sigh. 

2. Work has been exciting and getting exciting-er. That is one thing I never thought I would say in this lifetime, but here it is.

3. House-help is on leave. Again. Most of my epiphanies have been happening washing dishes these days. Isn’t it amazing how little housework has been spoken of as The Great Leveler it is? Is it another patriarchal ploy, or just my own elitist thinking? I know people in many countries don’t have helpers for everyday work, but having always had easy access to it combined with most work being manual has made me so totally dependent on it that I feel sorry for myself. I know. That’s disgusting.

4. For the first time in my life, I have been recognized in real life off this blog. And very interestingly, too. About a few months back, I used to meet this girl from my building on my morning walks and we would smile at each other. She landed on my twitter page through the blog, where I have a picture of myself and wrote to me asking if I am who she thinks I am. I was so freaked out! So we’ve been reading our blogs a long time, and now we are neighbours! 🙂 Haven’t yet had the time to meet her but I will, soon. If she’s okay with it, will post her blog link here. I’m sure most of you have seen her around online as well.

More next time. I have a train to catch. LOLJK, just moarr dishes to do.


4 thoughts on “Corollaries – II

  1. 1. Orrrrrr, it isnt age, but stress that you are unconsciously transferring onto your body. This happened to me last year. A string of freak ailments and illnesses, with no apparent reason. And I figured it was my way of dealing with subconscious stress. of course, on the outside i was like “stress? who me?”, only when I thought about it a little and made some changes in my life did them freak ailments go away and never come back. touch wood.

    2. Sigh I wish I could say the same. But Im beginning to think exciting and work cannot be achieved in my situation. Mostly by my own doing — latest session of navel gazing has revealed that I have been trying to forcefit myself in the wrong field for all my professional life. Sob.

    3. House help being on leave makes me thinner, so I cant complain. because 1, i eat less so theres less dishes and 2, it is physically exhausting to sweep and mop the house, something I realise only when I get my hands dirty and do it myself. Yes, its disgusting how oblivious we are to such things.

    4. OMG that IS the freaky. It happened to me at a cousins wedding. And said blog reader approached my sister and asked her if i was haathi. Imagine THAT.

  2. 1. It really could be stress, but I’m not ruling out becoming a geriatric just yet 😀 Thanks for the sliver of hope, I think the stress will ease itself out soon, and then I can hope for fewer sprains, aches and skin breakouts. Yes, SKIN BREAKOUTS. Those things never even happened to me in my teenage! Gah!

    2. I refuse to believe your statement about force-fitting yourself. If your work involves writing copy, I can’t imagine you are not aligned to it. Your writing and your personality seem such a fit with your work, from what I have read. Read your most recent post about it as well. I think you just have to wait out this period of meh-ness 🙂

    3. You know the worst part? My house help going off doesn’t even make me thinner 😀 So! I’m waiting for him to get back on Monday. I swear I’m waiting more eagerly for him than how I think his family waits for him when he goes home. I realized that whatever my few gripes with him may be, he is a truly efficient worker and that makes me even more crippled when he’s not around. Not good.

    4. Hahaha.. that must have been quite something. I’d have done a double take. I get so embarrassed when people in real life ask about my blog, that I have banned the husband from telling people about it.

  3. I am physically and mentally exhausted to post a long comment. Just a line to say I read, liked, nodded my head in agreement at all those points and the corollary.

  4. Getting recognized from blogging is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. Who knew that people read blogs…let alone would recognize us in the land of the living?

    Speaking of the land of the living…how are things going with the hottie blogger next door?

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