With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come

I didn’t say that, Shakespeare did. But as today happens to be my birthday (cue inappropriate and illegally youthful hip hop number about how we’re going to party because it is my birthday), this seems to fit beautifully.

Last year, I didn’t write a birthday post but the year before, I wrote this one. I was turning 27 then.  I was freaking out about getting old. This year, there’s no reason to freak out because I’m already old. Hence, the quote. Well, it may be my last birthday in the twenties but it’s not all wrinkles and creaking bones, because there are always some merits of any age:

– If you were brought up to respect elders, well, it’s finally time for self-respect!

– If a dentist scared you earlier, pending pap smears should make a dental consultation visit feel like a trip to the candy shop.

– If people didn’t care for your opinions earlier, they still won’t but you can wave a fat finger at them and ramble “young people of today think..”

TWENTY NINE. ok maybe, I am freaking out a little. I promise not to if next year, we can all agree to call my birthday the first anniversary of my twenty ninth birthday and the second anniversary the year after that and so on. Crisis averted, Houston.

Jokes apart (LOLJK, the jokes never end), the last year has been quite the ride for me. It’s going to be a year since my Year of Debauchery ended abruptly and I had to actually get up for breakfast in the morning. This year – as I never tire of sympathy gaining tactics – has also been the year I have been sick the most. Specially the latter half with ear ailments and chicken pox and an eye issue that I *gasp* forgot to gross you out about. I have also lost five kilos over the last year and all of it on my own terms (I will NOT give up cheesecake), but I feel unfit in general. This year’s most wonderful travels were Spain and Bali. And overall, I think I have shouted at people a lot lesser this year – the fact that this has to be a separate point in my life’s round-up is a telling point of how much worse it was. But it has also been a year of pushing barriers and learning a few things – for that, I am happy. Yet, it feels like a birthday in waiting.. err, for the first anniversary of this day. Seriously, if turning 30 doesn’t make all of my wisdom teeth sprout at once, I’m going to be super disappointed.

So here’s my somewhat vague wishes for this all-important year (please don’t call me out on my “getting inspired” skills if you read that 27th birthday post):

One day at a time. Read more. Cook more. Remember to ask “what’s the worst that could happen?” Be kind. Everything else is negotiable.


6 thoughts on “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come

  1. Oh my look what I missed here. Belaaaaated hap-hap-happy birthday you! And that sounds like one rollercoaster of a roundup.. I hope the next year gives you every reason to kickbutt and have a blast 🙂

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