Of work and just random things to do. Yes, that’s what I feel like I’m battling these days. Over the past year, I have refrained from calling myself busy because it sounds funny to myself. How busy could I be, having eliminated long commutes (thanks to the new workplace being literally 5 minutes from home) and not having to deal with bosses that had no concept of personal life.. it’s ridiculous, really. But at the moment, it seems like while I’ve always been telling myself that those things were the real busy, another kind of busy seems to have been invented and well, I’m it. And what do you know, this is the real deal! Work – lots and lots and lots of it seems to be charging at me in waves and I think it’s time to accept that I’m very overwhelmed at times. It’s bringing out a new kind of crazy in me and if you know me well, you know that I don’t have the bandwidth for more types of crazy in me 😀

What do I mean, you ask? (Play along if you didn’t ask.) Being a control freak of the most terrible kind, I often find myself having to choose to delegate or let go of things when the volume of work is so large. It’s not easy. Not the part where I have to delegate, but the part where I have to look like the asshole who delegates and then wants things done like they do it themselves. I can literally see the “Then do it yourself” thought cloud on people’s heads sometimes. And then there’s the thing about being severely disorganized. I think I have mentioned this on the blog before about, oh, only 456323 times that I have a List OCD. There are organized people, there are hyper-organized ones, there are micro-organizing folks and then there are those who need a list for everything. I am the one with this last condition. I honestly believe my short term memory has been shattered to pieces because of my urge to jot everything down.. I just can’t seem to commit to remember things anymore. If it’s not on the list, it’s not going to happen. At this moment, there are about 5 lists in my folder and I have 6 subscriptions to List-y websites. I think I need a list of all the lists I need to look at. Now, for the problem. When things are hitting you at 1 per millisecond and everything gets done over a few days, it’s possible to lose track of their progress and it’s also possible that you won’t have time to keep updating your pretty lists. This, needless to say, is driving me to an early grave. I wake up the next day and realize that something that should have been done yesterday is basically nowhere on anyone’s radar even today and probably can’t get started till tomorrow. It is The Worst Thing Ever.

So basically, I haven’t had the time to breathe and just sort my shit out. BUT, I’m going on a holiday 😀 Details will come later. Before the holiday begins, the biggest festival of the year for us arrives in the next 10 days. Durga Puja. To me, it means good food and a lot of fun and I’m quite looking forward to it. What I’m not looking forward to is even thinking about the packing for the two trips. Between the work (refer the first two paragraphs), the meager one-day weekends to unwind, the workouts, the little sorry bits I try to do around the house and the internet addiction, I have my hands full.

Don’t know when I’m going to be back around here, but today, just felt like saying it all out here. Didn’t quite care if it came out coherent. The one thing that prompted me? Someone seems to have read a gazillion posts from my archives yesterday and not left a single comment. I do that to a lot of bloggers, but probably, I’ll say a little hello next time 🙂


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