Day 4: Addiction

Just the second day and I am short of things to say. This morning, I caught myself thinking how much time I waste these days and decided to do a listing of how much time I spend doing various activities daily. In just a couple of days, I was looking at quite a few bitter revelations. I think there’s more unproductive time in my day these days than there’s productive. Of course, I could blame this on the funk I’ve been in, but even so, I need to change something very quickly for my own sanity. Isn’t confession the first step of change? So I’m laying it all out bare here, so whoever reads this page can also tell me how you deal with any (or all!) of these addictions that steal away our time:

– No prizes for guessing, the number one has to be the Internet.I swear, I have looked up symptoms of Internet addiction for my..ummm.. condition. It’s one thing to sit with a cup of tea and browse through your reading list or favourite blogs, but it’s entirely another to start reading a page, go back and click all the links in it and suddenly discover that the clock has moved 4 hours ahead. I don’t know what or how I am going to do something about this (I did think about giving up the broadband connection at home and shuddered immediately), but for now, I am thinking of trying to define some browsing time over the day and attempt to stick to that.

– When I’m not refreshing Twitter like a maniac or reading something off Thought Catalog, I’m day-dreaming about something and that, these days, changes into worrying about something or the other. I know. How very productive. I don’t know how one thing sets off another trail of things but I’m more than capable of always identifying and over-thinking about the worst outcome of all. This reeks of pessimism, I’m aware. It’s pretty recent and well, one of my more unpleasant addictions. I believe this has to do with having some extra time on my hands and these days, and should sort itself out when I get busier. I hope.

Bad TV. Seriously. There’s something about sitting through episodes of Two and a Half Men or HIMYM or Grey’s Anatomy while being only half-aware of what’s going on. I think it just gives me a sense of being occupied with something when really, it doesn’t take up any active mindspace and I can just lie there being lazy and un-guilty about it. 😀 It’s getting so addictive that I don’t even really mind re-reruns and that’s just criminal waste of time.

– This one is so ironical I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. A large portion of my somewhat-productive (I really can’t decide) time goes into making To-Do Lists.  Long, elaborate lists that never get done.

Do any of you do these things and later regret them too? Any ideas?

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16 thoughts on “Day 4: Addiction

  1. *Gasp* don’t call GA bad TV! Series like those are my addiction too, I actually watch them online, so you can imagine the amount of time i waste on them, if that makes you feel better ;).

    Agree that spending time online can be really a time-killer. I try to limit it too but a losing battle on some days. All the best, I’m sure we’ll figure out a balance soon :).

    • I hope so too. And yeah, I’ll sheepishly agree that GA is not all thaaaat bad. But I am a bit like “Oh, come on!” when someone sleeps with another person on that show. I mean, haven’t they all covered everyone else already? 😀

    • I just read! You know, FingersToesArmsLegs crossed, I might be getting one very soon and I have been warned about how addictive it can be. I’m NOT looking forward to that bit 😀

  2. I agree on the bad TV part completely. I do that so much. There have been weeks when I have watched three re-runs of GA, and not registered the episodes completely.
    No bright ideas on countering this seepage of laziness as yet.

  3. I love love love GA and watch although with full attention. So that’s good TV for me. Other than that I have not been watching TV at all these days. But I am guilty of all the other things. Internet surfing and getting lost in blogland….. losing track of time and refreshing all the social media windows every few minutes, guilty your honour!! 😛 I do To-Do lists too, rough ones and fair ones. You seem like my twin sister!!

  4. I do that too often these days. I am dazed in meetings, at home, while cooking, in a conversation with the pati… However what worries me most is that most of the times my mind is no where. I have no reply to “What are you thinking”? Am I in trouble?

  5. iPhone addiction. You can’t imagine just how much time I waste just because it’s easier to surf without having to sit with a heavy laptop. I broke the phone yesterday, now it’s at the service center, I am back on the laptop and at least I am letting the internet take up some active space in the head instead of just mindlessly browsing all over the place.

    • I agree completely. I got my iPhone (FINALLY) less than a month back, and I am officially addicted. I cannot think of a life without it anymore and I am mortally afraid that I’m getting more and more unproductive every day. BUT it is such a delight 😀

  6. Hi there! I stumbled into your blog from haathitime and really liked your writing style. This post is me all over. My husband keeps telling me that although I’m pretending to multi-task (Internet + pointless TV + phone call/writing/admin), I’m really not achieving much in the end. I won’t admit it to him but I’m beginning to think he might be right!

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