The last time..

.. I posted here was over a year back! Yes, that post you see under this one.. it’s not Dec 4 2013 but Dec 4 2012. I distinctly remember that I had joined a 30-day blogging challenge which went to the dogs on Day 4. Since then, I have wanted to come back and write many times. Like when the new year came around (2013). Like when the Nirbhaya or Jyoti Singh Pandey case was throwing everything ugly about India in our faces. Or when I had a wonderful quiet staycation in Bangalore. Also, when I had the first surgery of my life. Like when I had an important announcement to make about my personal life. The million moments after that, that deserved to be recorded. The end of 2013. My resolutions and what not. 

It seems I can never really get around to sitting down and writing about things if I plan too much. So here I am, telling you in the most unbecoming comeback manner what all has happened in my life since December 2012:

At the time of that last post, I was in the throes of the worst of the morning sickness and waiting to let the world know that I was expecting. I had also found out that I was borderline anemic and have hypothyroidism. Both conditions could be controlled/medicated in time. By April, when I was feeling better, we had a little holiday in Thailand with family.. a babymoon of sorts. After returning, I was due for my mandatory tetanus shots to be given during pregnancy, the first of which went terribly wrong resulting in a skin abscess. Had to be put under general anesthesia and have a removal procedure, which was most scary because GA + antibiotics during pregnancy are not recommended except absolutely unavoidable. Had the most depressing time worrying about all sorts of things, combined with pregnancy hormones. Went through a not-so-comfortable third trimester with insomnia, itchiness, nightmares and other assorted goodies. Gave birth to my wonderful little baby girl on July 25, 2013, a day after the due date; we have named her Anushka. Been stumbling about the many parenting challenges that one can face in the short span of five months. Took her for her first holiday end of 2013.

Because I have always loved mommy blogs and believe there’s much to learn out there, this could become a mommy blog in future – you stand warned (considering there is still anybody who visits this place). I would love to share my pregnancy and birth story, my aha moments along the path of mommyhood, how my life has changed and is changing every day since that one moment, and all the other rants/ ideas/ inner monologues I shared before. 

I promise nothing and this is not a 30 day challenge or a 100 happy days feature or a one post a day week or anything of the kind – because we all know that when I do those, I disappear for years. This is just a Hi! to say I am back, I have been reading many of your blogs, but you can expect to see my comments on your blogs and to read more about my life here more regularly. 

A happy 2014 to all of you!

How’ve you been?


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