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The Soul of Alec Smart Writer. Cheese-lover. Book-eater. Panicker-turned-Chiller. Girl. Love the guy with the lopsided grin. Claustrophobe. People-Watcher. Brick in the Wall. Spot in the Universe.


37 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    Came across your blog after following some nth order link….Extremely gripping … in fact have been spending more time reading your blog than doing office work.. Really loved it!! Only wondering why you named it dark comedy??

    After reading for a few days realized that your are from IIM and a little later figured out that u’re from B. Then for a few hours wondered if I knew u in some way..may be a senior/junior until i read about pandaman and pal!!

    Now i know for sure that i have been your class mate. In fact could recollect the first mancomm presentation of 2 mins where u were almost breathless with your words…You surely can work magic with words!!

    Keep writing!!

    • Hahahaha. thanks for reminding me about that presentation, Kiran. I think I used to rattle off like a complete douchebag in those 😀

      And thank you so much for appreciating the writing!! 🙂

  2. And since I’m new on twitter and also since I hate this whole intruding and randomly following without asking business, just wanted to check if, erm, how do I say this.. Can I follow you?

    • Haha! Please go right ahead and follow! 🙂 I just saw your post about Twitter. It’s very early days for you and I remember feeling exactly the same when I joined it. In fact, I didn’t return for 6 months after my first week of it. You must be the politest person on Twitter already, with all the asking before following.. and hating intruding 😀 You’ll see how most of twitter is all about getting more followers..Intrusion? people will live tweet their morning ablutions if that’s what will get them followers. But I should tell you, it’s one hell of a ride once you get the hang of it, which you eventually will because I’m one of the most tech challenged people around and I think I have got it now. The quality of interactions you will have on Twitter is very likely to be much better than on blogs, in my experience. So, do give it a shot 🙂

      • Better than a blog?!
        No way! Im restricted by that damned 140 character limit!
        I got off fb because there was too much virtual interaction happening, and very little real life, in a way that was meaningful.. so lets see how far this takes me.. Finding you now 🙂

  3. liked your response to khambas blog on aamir. nice to know smart alecs can also pause before they mock 🙂

  4. i am honestly impressed 😉 i should have done my homework before thinking you a DUDE. its a great blog. i myself have never really thought much about dark humor writing. and are you a smart alec!!!

    • we may not agree. but i admire your style. i’m a structural engg. student interning somewhere with no work to do. i read blogs all my spare time and comment under catchy posts. no hard feelings 😉 but i missed you today. now please don’t report this on that page or something hahaha that’d be embarrassing, or not, den again, do what you must. though i’d appreciate that handshake you said i wanted. excellent vocab btw 😉

      • Leon, I appreciate your coming back here because I know it can’t be easy. I don’t know if you see it, but much of what you said on that page is plain simple insulting. I have never commented on any forum with the idea of having to convince everyone there of my point of view, but I am still entitled to my opinion. However, when someone responds to my comment with a personal attack, I’m not going to back down. I do think that you need to see that you started the whole thing and that it wasn’t funny in the slightest bit. Apart from that, there are no hard feelings and I am not posting this there. In fact, I am off that discussion as of this afternoon and will not be going back. Thanks for following the blog. I hope we will be able to have only cordial conversations and civil discussions in future. All the best for your internship.

        • i’m glad we’re on the same page. though if i’d realized you were a woman in the first place. i’d have thought twice about the whole deal. lets just say i’m a bit impulsive. and you’re a bit defensive. i get it. just plain human interaction of our basic instincts. though i never meant it to get personal i do realize i did use big words like retrospection and womanhood ( big for their meaning i mean, gulp !!! ) and i never did mean it to be funny. was just ticked and sitting here jobless and stuff, a loooooooot of memories of my friends and girlfriends being abused came to mind. it was that anger speaking. i realized you were an excellent wordsmith and u do intimidate me ( daaamn ) and if BoBo didnt come and take you away i honestly couldn’t have held on for long. well i don’t think you should waste your time on discussions with me. i just wanted to say this because my girlfriend after i told her showed me some valid points. its me admitting that. i would on the original blog too and i did in a way but its too long as it is. my interning ends today. and as you have seen was not much to do. apparently they don’t trust people without experience with anything remotely requiring responsibility. and sorry about the whole thing. btw – one of my favorite songs – who says! thanks for that 😉

          ( P.S. delete this as soon as ur done reading dont want to troll your posts )

          • Leon, oh boy! Your comment and the justification of your actions earlier is beginning to piss me off again.

            Amusing that realizing that I’m a woman would have stopped you from being that rude is what you say, but even after you realized that I was one, you didn’t quite stop 😀 I really don’t care if you’re impulsive, but you’ll have to explain to me how I was defensive. Also, you didn’t use “big words” as much as you used filthy language like “maybe you have been raped a couple of times” and “your womanhood is that spoiled”.. not sure how your memories of women getting abused could actually encourage you to say this stuff on an online forum.

            Now that you say that you would admit “that” on the original blog too but haven’t yet done it, because “it’s too long”, I believe it can’t be longer than your comments posted that day. So please, go ahead and do it. Let me see how much of an apology this really is. And no, I am not deleting your comment, I don’t think *this* is trolling, and I think this needs to stay put.

            Unless you’re willing to address your apology to the wider audience of the original exchange on the original forum and not go on justifying things, I am least inclined to carry this forward anymore, so goodbye. Stay well.

                • Leon, how delusional are you to think that you will come here every 4 hours and post an abusive comment, and then I am somehow obliged to post it on MY blog. And then you act like “haha, how jobless was i”. I don’t fucking care whether you were jobless or not. You are a troll. I don’t have to indulge you in any which way. Please get lost to never return, or keep typing angsty comments that take me 5 seconds to delete.

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