You Ought to Know

So, I usually put my nose up in the air when someone mentions “Fashion”. Fashion? You lost me already.

But if you make it something the HauteCouture-challenged can understand and wear, I’m likely to be all eyes and ears. And if you make it shiny and silver, you’ve got me eating out of your hands.

This post is about a blog that talks about my kind of fashion. Stuff they blog about:

Wearable? Check.

Purchasable? Check.

Not meant for someone who’s atleast 2 feet taller than I am? Check!


And right now, as you read this, they have a giveaway on:

Yuss, all this can be yours. Head over to the blog, send some love and win it fair and square, girls. Why am I then telling you about this, and not making away with the loot? Because *everything* has rules. Gah! 😀

Here’s wishing you all the luck 🙂