School of Life: My course list :)

Well, I might or might not have said something about a NaBloPoMo yesterday, and I may or may not be sticking with it 😀

Today, being Janamashtami, was an off day.. and if you know me, I love very few things more than a mid-week holiday. As of last week, today was to be spent with cousin D whose birthday is today. Both our husbands travelling, we had hatched many plans of painting the town red and maybe getting very drunk, but the poor girl is down with malaria and has had to travel to Delhi to stay with family 😦 

Left to myself, I’m usually cranky and snap at the first hapless person who calls me! So I was pretty determined to not let  that happen today.. there’s only so much diva behaviour one’s family can take 😀 I had planned on trying a new recipe, going window-shopping and sorting out my very messy cupboard. Well guess what? NONE of that happened.. I have successfully spent a whole day cooped up in one room, and doing god-knows-what. This is what happens when you have another holiday coming up soon – just helps the process of procrastination, telling yourself that you’ll do it on Saturday 😉 But there’s something to be said about such a lazily-spent day.. I don’t know about re-energizing and all, because IMHO, being up and about is anyday more re-energizing.. but such a day definitely puts you in touch with some of your random and involuntary thoughts, no? Like today, some of the randomest things I have done are: check online the symptoms of something I suspect I might have a mild case of, get exactly 2 (very general) out of 10 symptoms to match, freak out about it, make a mental note of seeing a doctor, look up recipes of some desserts I was craving, look up easier versions, look up where one could find ingredients in my 10 km radius, look up substitutes of some ingredients, give up, think about why the better-looking girl always gets to play only the bitch in movies, think about what is the age/ stage cutoff to colour one’s hair purple, think about an argument I had about 6 years back (!).. you get the drift!

Well then, ladies and gentlemen, the non-point of this post is that blogging this is probably my most productive act of the day. There’s this tag I’ve been meaning to do about 10 things one wants to learn.. the tag’s been doing the rounds, but given my poor track record with tags, I haven’t been tagged.. so I am crashing the party, blogistaan 🙂 Here goes:

As far as skills go, I really want to learn:

  • To knit. Basic sewing is what I know now.. but I think knitting’s very creative. One day, I’ll wear mittens I knitted!
  • To swim. One of these days, I’d like to go to a beach and not sit around sipping a margarita 😐
  • To speak French. Sexy, innit?
  • To put on awesome smoky eye makeup.

But as far as, umm, bigger things go, I want to learn:

  • To be able to shut up when I’m most angry. More often than not, I let it rip and I am yet to see the good *that* ever does!
  • To see things for what they are, and not blow them up in my head. I mean, a hyperactive imagination is the last thing I want some times.
  • To have the courage to act on some of my difficult or risky plans. Half the time, I can’t even articulate what it is holding me back, but something there is.
  • To worry a little less.. I really could give my mother a run for her money, and that’s saying something!
  • To expect less of people and situations.

That’s not much to ask, is it now? :/

Oh, I think your children’s pre-admission interviews is about the right life stage to stay off something like colouring your hair purple 😀



There’s something about the air of September that puts finality in the suspicion that the year is whizzing by too fast. I have only known seasons here in India where September marks the beginning of festivity. It brings back the anticipation for long weekends, for stocking up on new stuff to wear and for making enough space for mithai in your fridge and your tummy. Like a cherry on top, my birthday falls right in the middle of September, and that is never a bad thing 🙂

The first day of the month confirms its promise by bringing back sunshine into the city. Four days of glum and dull weather with a slow continuous drizzle later. Suddenly, I feel better.

This September, I’m looking forward to:

The unexpected chhutti for Janamashtami tomorrow

A long weekend next week

Spring cleaning (Yes, I have OCD.. why do you ask?)

Shopping for Pujo (my first as a part of a Bengali family, and I’m told it’s all about being decked up and hogging: bring it on, I say)


A tentative Goa trip (fingers crossed!)

Making some sort of headway on the work front

Oh, and a much-needed haircut (recommendations needed, Mumbai junta)

I may or may not attempt a NaBloPoMo this month; I’d rather not commit considering my extraordinary cheerful disposition today 😀