That time of the year

Yep, I’m cooling my heels in the ‘wait’ part of the tedious long process at work I’m faced with right now (refer earlier work-related posts for clue to what the hell I’m talking about). So I’ve obviously been ‘unswamped’ with work (this is their way of dealing with things: make things temporarily better for complainant and tiptoe around the elephant in the room).

That means I’m obsessively stalking blogs, commenting when I have something to say, twittering (which doesn’t mean tweeting, because I just read people’s tweets. It’s funny that I don’t mind making a fool of myself on my blog with 1000+ word posts, but in 140 words, I do 😀 ) and adding new blogs to Reader. Outside of work hours, I’m also addicted to online Scrabble (anyone else here who has the same problem? Lexulous or something else?). I’ve unsubscribed from a couple of blogs in the last week too, because they’re so rhetorical and well, unintelligent (DO NOT roll your eyes just because *I* said *that*).

To summarize, my virtual life is bigger than my real life at the moment. I constantly need to remind myself when I’m in The Matrix and when not 😀

Blogging has taken a backseat because of this and also because I don’t want to whine over the work thing all the time. But that also means missing some important parts of the drudgery that’s my life. Someone the other day asked me if I “write a blog to relive the moments some day”. The answer is no, I blog so that when I have a kickass life some day, I’ll have me of the past to point and laugh at. Zimble.

Anyhoo, so, lots of things have happened since I last spoke here: I did my best time ever on the treadmill *taaliyaan* (No, I’m not revealing the numbers. It’s embarrassing compared to what some of you do). I decided to fast for Karva Chauth and still can’t understand why it makes me regressive or sexist. Apparently, fasting is a strange way to express love. Ummm, well, so is inconveniencing others for processions and actually blocking roads for days together and playing Bollywood inspired bhajans as an expression of prayer.. try speaking against that, and you’re promptly branded “unsecular”. Whatever, I can live with being a bit regressive – I’m over-progressed on other fronts 😀 One good by-product of doing the Karva Chauth pooja was that I got to know some ladies my age in my neighbourhood – yayyy!! for ending the anti-social neighbour streak.

This reminds me: No social, political issue seems to be big enough to make my blood boil anymore. There was the Arundhati Roy thing where I got into a long-winded comment-comment badminton on someone’s blog, with very little emerging from it. Post that, I thought long and hard about the SC vocabulary debate on live-in relationships, the Adarsh housing society thing or the Commonwealth Games fiasco, but nothing seems to be instigating enough for me to jump out of my (metaphorical) chaddis and wave my fist at someone. Possible reasons:

Yeh sab chhoti baatein hain, kuch bada karo bhai! OR

My office people have taken the mickey out of me. No mickey for stupid national issues. Boo. OR

I’m finally a Mumbaikar.. my high tolerance level and my louuuue-ly spirit, you know. I can haz more corruption and endure it without a second thought. OR

I’m just tired of arguments with bloggers when they seem to be wedded to the posts they wrote. I mean it’s all very nice that you have an opinion but I’m sure your brain has more space than needed by that one opinion no? I hope you’d use that space.

Well well well. Now that November has struck, I’m super excited: A weekend full of endless binges has been lived through. Let’s just say I’m a huge blob of biryani and kebabs and prawns right now, and I’ve successfully neutralized several years of workouts. That when I haven’t been working out for several years 😐 A weekend of debauchery and ghar ka khana and taash is planned and looked forward to, over Diwali. And then lots of fun is anticipated the next weekend with a friend getting married. Really though, I am mostly interested in his first marriage to a tree.. We’re going to demand he consummate the union 😀 Next up are a few days of wallowing in self-pity as the husband travels around the country and saves it from falling apart (I give myself these reasons to endure loneliness. Very depressing yes?) Then’s our wedding anniversary.. yesssss, a year of being married.. how time flies! I’m sort of looking forward to travelling to Cal this time and maybe ingest a gazillion amazing puchkas everyone raves about (notice my single-track, unwavering and determined focus on food!) Finally a vacation planned over Christmas with family to Singy – my first Singy trip it’s going to be. Matlab, awesomest days ahead.

Right now, though, there’s a few things on my mind:

1. Spring cleaning. Nuff said. My mother’s already guilting me about her having sunned the woollens. The only effect it has on me is missing winters and woollens and Delhi. And the only way I make up for it is by inhaling more kaju katlis at the speed of light.

2. Parul‘s book. I’m super disappointed that I wasn’t able to send in my entry for the By The Water Cooler contest 😦 Par, koi na. I’ll buy the book for sure. And you should too. I’ve read Parul’s first (Bringing Up Vasu) and it was fantastic.

3. I ran into this school-friend of mine in the office today! She has joined this organization and I wish her luck. My own horror stories apart, here’s wishing you good luck, youknowwhoyouare 🙂 (Yes, she reads this blog) 

And oh, there’s the small issue of getting my resume ready and finding another job which I seem to have postponed till 2011. I kid. I’ll deal with it sometime in between my various holidays. I will.


The Most Persistent Parasite

Okay folks, I FINALLY saw Inception and it has totally fucked my brain up. I cannot stop thinking about it.

Since extremely bright people visit this blog, and I’m sure some of them have seen the movie, can anyone please answer for me (If someone hasn’t seen the movie, you can go ahead and read because the “spoilers” won’t/can’t do jackshit to “spoil” this movie for you; on the other hand, you should be rushing away RIGHT ABOUT NOW to go catch it):

1. From the fourth level of the sub-conscious (the level at which Cobb meets the aged Saito), how does Saito come back? Because he’s dead in the third level right? So, he’s supposed to go into limbo.. which is why Cobb finds him at the fourth level… that’s fine! But does the fact that he wakes up fine, mean that the sedative has worn off?

2. Now the top remaining spinning at the end has been left open for interpretation. But the speculation has largely remained around whether Cobb’s still in a dream/ reality/ limbo. Is there a case that the spinning top doesn’t matter because it’s not HIS totem in the first place? It’s his wife’s!

3. This might be damn stupid. How does Cobb know that Fischer will be found with Mal’s projection, after he dies at the third level?

Pleaaaaaaaaaase answer, someone! Before I go crazy.. or before the weekend, when I’m watching it again!

Tip: Don’t scrounge the internet and don’t beseech Google. I’ve broken my head enough. There are hundreds of theories out there, but by now, people are really making their own movie up 😀 I want to know if there’s something in the movie that explains these things, which I might have missed or which my IQ isn’t.. well.. suitable for? Thankee, in advance! 🙂

Armchair Philosophy on a Rainy Night

Seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote. Over the last few days I have learnt that:

– The idea of home is subjective. Home could be where the heart is. Where mom is. Where dad is. Or the city you grew up in. Maybe where one’s friends / siblings are? This might be a part of growing up, but I really feel like I don’t always need to be home, to feel at home.

– Whether one cares for the fun of the journey or for the doggedness of getting there, can be determined by how one chooses to lose weight (don’t laugh!) So who’d you rather be friends with: the kickboxer or the starver?

– Insecurity is probably the most pervasive emotion. Religion. Sexual orientation. Class. Beauty. Wit. You name it, and you’ll have met/heard of someone insecure on those grounds. Uski kameez meri kameez se safed kaise, could be the anthem for our generation.

– Words don’t flow. They don’t talk. They don’t bother. They sit inside of you patiently waiting for ideas to rescue them. Ideas that can lend them purpose. A writer’s block is almost always the absence of the perfect idea for the words to borrow meaning from and to be set free

– You can always learn something. Even at your workplace.

Goodnight for now, folks! Will be back here to share more soon.