If I were

a purple hammer, would you still love me? 😀

Well, this author is suffering a severe case of blogger’s block aggravated much by lack of time, so she’ll subject you to an arbit tag that caught her fancy. Here we go:

If I were a month, I’d be December. Dial December for happiness and holidays.

If I were a day of the week, I’d no doubt be Friday. Ushering in the good times.

If I were a time of day, I’d be that moment when sleep steals away all meaningful thoughts.

If I were a season, I’d have to be summer. Do I also get to choose WHERE I want to be summer?

If I were a planet, I’d be Mercury. Blow hot blow cold.

If I were a sea animal, I’d be a tortoise. Letting the world go by, and living long enough to see it all.

If I were a direction, I’d be the one where home is. That’s the anchor, the direction could change.

If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be an old antique chair in an open verandah.

If I were a liquid, I’d be chilli vodka. Or orange juice. Or green apple iced tea.

If I were a tree, I’d be a guava tree. I love the smell.

If I were a tool, I’d be a hammer. I don’t really know why.

If I were an element, I’d be titanium. Look ma, I can flyyyyy.

If I were a gemstone, I’d be jade. Love its green.

If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a guitar. That should up my coolness quotient.

If I were a color, I’d be purple.

If I were an emotion, I’d be compassion.

If I were a fruit, I’d be bananas. I already am! 🙂

If I were a sound, I’d be the sound of thunderstorms!

If I were a car, I’d be a convertible.

If I were food, I’d be cheese.

If I were a taste, I’d be spicy.

If I were a scent, I’d be that of woodsmoke. Reminds me of Delhi.

If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be the longest-worn sneakers.

If I were a bird, I’d be an eagle.


10 thoughts on “If I were

    • Take it up, yes? Btw, while you were away, I spent a looong Friday night with your blog archives. I’ve become a huge fan. So, don’t mind if I sound a little teenagerish and gigglish in my comments on your blog 🙂 I do agree with your mother – you have a book in you!

  1. hey! first time here – lovely post.
    And I do like your writing..its fresh! will come by more often.


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