With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come

I didn’t say that, Shakespeare did. But as today happens to be my birthday (cue inappropriate and illegally youthful hip hop number about how we’re going to party because it is my birthday), this seems to fit beautifully.

Last year, I didn’t write a birthday post but the year before, I wrote this one. I was turning 27 then.  I was freaking out about getting old. This year, there’s no reason to freak out because I’m already old. Hence, the quote. Well, it may be my last birthday in the twenties but it’s not all wrinkles and creaking bones, because there are always some merits of any age:

– If you were brought up to respect elders, well, it’s finally time for self-respect!

– If a dentist scared you earlier, pending pap smears should make a dental consultation visit feel like a trip to the candy shop.

– If people didn’t care for your opinions earlier, they still won’t but you can wave a fat finger at them and ramble “young people of today think..”

TWENTY NINE. ok maybe, I am freaking out a little. I promise not to if next year, we can all agree to call my birthday the first anniversary of my twenty ninth birthday and the second anniversary the year after that and so on. Crisis averted, Houston.

Jokes apart (LOLJK, the jokes never end), the last year has been quite the ride for me. It’s going to be a year since my Year of Debauchery ended abruptly and I had to actually get up for breakfast in the morning. This year – as I never tire of sympathy gaining tactics – has also been the year I have been sick the most. Specially the latter half with ear ailments and chicken pox and an eye issue that I *gasp* forgot to gross you out about. I have also lost five kilos over the last year and all of it on my own terms (I will NOT give up cheesecake), but I feel unfit in general. This year’s most wonderful travels were Spain and Bali. And overall, I think I have shouted at people a lot lesser this year – the fact that this has to be a separate point in my life’s round-up is a telling point of how much worse it was. But it has also been a year of pushing barriers and learning a few things – for that, I am happy. Yet, it feels like a birthday in waiting.. err, for the first anniversary of this day. Seriously, if turning 30 doesn’t make all of my wisdom teeth sprout at once, I’m going to be super disappointed.

So here’s my somewhat vague wishes for this all-important year (please don’t call me out on my “getting inspired” skills if you read that 27th birthday post):

One day at a time. Read more. Cook more. Remember to ask “what’s the worst that could happen?” Be kind. Everything else is negotiable.


Happy Birthday to My Over-The-Hill Self

You know how they say stuff about learning to age gracefully and all? That’s for other people.. I’m simply too shocked for grace.

I’m ready to burst into Meena Kumari inspired slow painful songs.

Ready to commit harakiri.

In case you’re interested in how old I’ve turned, here’s a little riddle: The number is a perfect cube. That number.. the left side of which was the pleasant early 20s and singledom and carefreeness and life. And the right of which are, let’s see, : 1. Double the age when I had my first very serious crush 2. Double the age when I got done with Class X boards 3. The big frickin’ three-O. What is beyond that sends shivers down my spine, so we’ll stop here.

*Phew, I should take a long, deep breath and chant Aal Iz Well*

I’m sure people who’re 30 or about to be 30 or even *gasp* 31 and beyond will feel like slapping me right now. I mean, what the hell is the big deal? I’m still in my twenties. Youth may have passed me by, but I am in the early stages of adulthood. Similarly, people who’re 21 or 22 or 23 will be sniggering and thinking of me as some not-so-slim, not-so-cool, not-so-young moron who writes in full words and sentences and doesn’t know that IDK means ‘I don’t know’. But it’s the people who’re 24 or 25 or 26 I’m talking to here. Guys, you should hold on to those years a bit more, and enjoy them a bit more.. because before you know it, life will catch up and you’ll find yourself in 27. The age you think about eating healthy and working out. The age you cannot make random, impromptu road trips if you don’t like to get fired from your job just as randomly. The age you can’t joke about farting or burping. The age Kurt Cobain chose to off himself, for godssake! In fact, check this out >> this.

But you know how they also say that the best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles? I’m gonna go with that (little choice and all that). So, now might be a good time to take stock of the last year or so and raise a toast to the 27th and see what the years beyond can bring, right? So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s my sundry list of accomplishments:

I have fallen in love. And married someone I adore, someone I can fight with with little sense of propriety or political correctness, and come out undivorced. Most importantly, someone who can do the same with me and escape unscathed.

I have given my all to a job that’s thankless and that I dislike. It’s been a life experience that will help me choose sensibly, I believe. You can always learn what not to do, even if you cannot necessarily know what to do.

I have found a way to be less angry with things and people and situations.

I know a thing or two about financial planning and tax planning now. Which means I won’t be on the defaulter list anytime soon, neither will I be emptying store shelves in a feverish urge to buy.

I understand and try my best with my responsibilities. Yet I have shed the pressing need to please everyone.

I can cook edible fare.

I’m house proud and I have OCD. I’ve made my peace with them; in fact, I like it like this.

I have made very few but great friends. I think I could not have done better in quality or in number.

I appreciate the small things – the unmatterables is what I call them – a lot more. I’d hate to be 60 and rue not having stopped to smell the roses. For one, it’ll be preposterous if you lead a laidback life at 30 and still claim to have had no time when you’re 60. For two, it’ll be such a cliched tragedy.

I’m learning a new language. It’s been on the list for so long.

I started working out, and have stuck with it for almost a year. This is one of the most important things in my mind. Which probably says a lot about how boring my life is.

On the wishlist are:

Read more. Travel more. Eat better. Write more. Learn more. Change jobs. God, religion, faith, humanity, universe, karma, destiny – make up my mind. Be more detached. Always remember to ask “What’s the worse that could happen?” Be less feminist, be more human. Spend time doing something worthwhile. Feel less guilt. Keep working out. Learn to move on from bitter situations and bad decisions. Stop trying to put off tough decisions. Have kids one day, and save some experiences to have the first time with them. Judge less. Apologize with a little more heart. Be patient, but not complacent. Take a little more risk. Worry less. Expect lesser, deserve more. Make more money. Save more money. Make the world a better place in some way.

So you see, we’re not nearly done. I’ll need to start on my list right away. Because like Charles Schulz once said

Once you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.

Fun fact: I share my birthday with Agatha Christie. I think that’s pretty cool.

Here’s to the 27th *clink*

Pictures and More


Finally, the pictures are here. There aren’t any of mine, because really, you guys will have to teach me how to do blurring elegantly. I give up. The last thing I did to make my face unrecognizable was putting that spray paint sort of thing in MS Paint. Let’s just say, it looked so ugly that it almost convinced me for a moment that non-anonymity can’t be THAT bad a thing.. ofcourse, then the lure of getting away with spewing more internet trash without getting thrashed in public is what won, and so we remain anonymous. Or give ourselves the reassurance we are.

Nonetheless, pictures!

This was what I saw of Mauritius from up there. It made me forget about landing panic. THAT is anyday a big deal. Did I mention I hate flying?

The hotel lobby which tempts you to walk straight and jump into the ocean. I love the symmetry of this picture.

This was the walk to the cottage. And ours happened to be right opposite the spa. Do you see my irritating penchant for symmetrical photos yet? No? Keep at it and you will!

That, ladies and gentlemen is me in the mirror! This was the first day of holiday, and I thought I’d take some for-the-blog pics. Yep, that lasted one day. And btw, *cough cough* symmetry!

A beach with nobody in sight for miles. The insignificance of one person as waves thrash against the shore is stark. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. 

The funny part is that when you click pictures such as these, the average Mauritian looks on and tries to figure what you see in it. It’s a bleddy road, with you know, some flowerbeds by the side and a mountain in the background. Crazy tourists!

One of the many sunsets we drove into.

Where I vegetated and read. It was also a bit freaky to read about spirituality in this setting.. don’t know why.

That scene follows you everywhere. The pink wispy flowers are my favourite.

I parasailed for the first time. (I know I’m a loser, thanks for reinforcing!) This was fun. Although, something’s wrong with me and I can’t help thinking morbid thoughts when I do this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but I imagine bad outcomes in disturbing clarity.

This picture was taken from the pool. The pool that overlooks the beach. No wonder we came back so tanned!

Aren’t they such beautiful creatures? May I add that the caretakers were being rather cruel to them and I felt rather pissed.

And that, summarizes a very long story I mentioned in one of the previous posts. To say it again, my phone fell into one of the bucket seats and wedged itself in some real inconvenient position. What followed was a long struggle we (I, the husband, the crew) had with tongs, forks, newspapers, and what not! This picture was clicked once it FINALLY slid out. Can you see the sheer joy on their faces? And can you see how sheepish I look? Haha! You can’t.. I cut my face off 😀 Now teach me how to blur… please!

Ok the pictures are done. There are more, but this is real hard work. Newfound respect for people who upload photos pretty much everyday!

I have other important stuff: Today is Chuck’s (my husband) birthday. Please join me in wishing him a very very fabulous one?

May you always have the best of everything. May this birthday bring you everything you ever wished for. May joy and happiness be your lifelong companions, along with me ofcourse 🙂 May the madness never end!

I got him an X-box, and sort of committed marriage suicide. But, I just said he could have everything he wished for. So there!

Sweetheart, this one’s for you: